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Balance your diet with Carbohydrates by Karla

  • Sep 1 2012
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By Karla Hamal, RD, MedXCom Nutritional Consultant

Most people should get 40-50% of their energy intake from carbohydrates.

Carb counting can be challenging!

1.  Watch your labels :  

1 carbohydrate serving is 15 grams on the label 

Limit meals to 2-3 carb servings/day or 30-45 grams and snacks to 1 carb serving (15 grams)

Age, health, exercise/activity and weight control can change the volume of carbohydrates the body needs.

 2)  Pair carbs with a protein:

Have 3 crackers with 1 oz cheese to help slow the release of the carbs into the body as protein takes longer to digest.  It also keeps you full longer with the slower digestion.

3)  Stick with complex carbohydrates:

Good carbohydrates (whole grains, cereals, beans, and fruits) are an integral source of energy  to provide a good source of energy and a healthy source of fiber.


Carbohydrates provide a source of energy or fuel to the body.  Carbohydrates help our organs perform at peak, they provide energy to the muscles, brain and all of our organs.

5. Limit refined carbs (sweets, white breads, rice and pasta etc.) especially if you have Diabetes.

That is good advice for most of us looking to improve our diets!

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