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Healthy Halloween by Karla

  • Oct 7 2012
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By Karla Hamal, RD, MedXCom Nutritional Consultant


Can Halloween be healthy? Consider these numbers:

3 mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups have more sugar than a glazed doughnut

1/2  pack of Skittles has more sugar than a scoop of Haagen-Dazs Cookies and Cream Ice Cream

9 Twizzlers contain the same amount of calories as a Wendy’s Double Stack Burger


Consider some new options to Halloween that are Gluten Free!

* Fruit Roll-ups (Betty Crocker Halloween fruit flavored snacks – gluten free)

* Granola Bars (Nutrigrain Cereal bars are gluten free)

* Gold Fish packages (gluten free)

* Cheese and Cracker Packages (Keebler Snax Stix are gluten free)

* Sugar Free Gum – (Bazooka and Super Bubble are gluten free)

* Juice in a Box (Juicy-juice and Capri Sun are gluten free)

* Box of Raisins (Sunmaid Raisins are gluten free)

 Or Surprise the kids with a new Halloween treat

* Stickers
* Tattoos
* Balloon Racers
* Balloons
* Rubber Spiders
And if you are buying candy consider the following:


Butterfinger Bar (fun size bar) (gluten free)

100 calories 4 grams of fat (2 grams saturated)

Make a better choice-  consider:

3 Musketeers (fun size bar) (gluten free)

63 calories   2 grams of fat (1.5grams saturated)

Halloween can be fun and Healthy!

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