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Healthy Holiday Ideas by Karla

  • Nov 23 2012
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by Karla Kamal, RD, MedXCom Nutritional Consultant

The fall/winter holidays come around once a year, so a few of my favorite things can’t hurt, can they?

The average weight gain over the Holidays is 1-5 pounds and many people keep that extra weight permanently.

So what to do?

1)     Get active. Start with a walk before dinner as a family, have a game of flag football or take a trip to the gym before you  start eating.

2)     Avoid skipping meals.  Have a healthy breakfast before the big event to ensure that you can control your appetite.  Have a small healthy snack before you head to the family dinner.

3)     Make your favorite Holiday dinner item “healthy”

  • Try using skim milk and healthy lower fat butter in your mashed potatoes
  • Try fat free or low fat cream cheese, sour cream, and butter to help reduce calories
  • Make baked apples instead of a pie

4)     Watch your portions; use a salad plate for dinner.  Fill your plate with a small taste of each or your favorites don’t waste calories by huge servings or portions.

5)     Skip seconds

6)     Choose wisely – white meat turkey, well seasoned vegetables, roasted sweet potatoes, green salads can make your Holiday Dinner a satisfying event. Add sugar free Jello to the plate, if you like sweets.

7)     Take time to enjoy the family and friends that have come to dinner.  Slow down the eating process so that you are finishing up your meal as others are finishing seconds.

8)     Be careful with added calories in alcohol, juices, sodas, appetizers and high calorie desserts.  Tip: Add fruit kabobs or strawberries with fat-free whipped cream to your dessert table, so the fruit grabs everyones attention.

9)     Treat yourself to one special item.  If you love Pumpkin or Pecan Pie have a small piece, but avoid the high calorie ice cream, egg nog and heavy cream!


Enjoy the Holidays and try to keep it Healthy!!

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