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Need your doc when travelling? We’ve got an app for that!

  • Aug 3 2013
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Medical help on the go 

Looking for your medical records, a doctor or a pharmacy while traveling? We’ve got an app for that!

What’s the easiest, lightest, most important item we forget to (pack) bring with us when traveling? Popular travel app options range from GPS features, mapping, virtual photos, translators, gas finders, etc. yet most travelers forget to prepare for a medical emergency.

MedXCom Patient is a free HIPAA Certified app that is essentially the only “Portable Health Record” for travelers that also allows patients to have access to recorded conversations and secure texts with their doctors.  It allows you to travel with your health records stored securely on your phone simply by uploading all medical information and records. Created by a physician, it has all the important features that are needed to control your healthcare when traveling.

One amazing feature of the app is that travelers can simply go on MedXCom and find a doctor in a specific area.  Then, they can permission that doctor as part of their Portable Health Record and make an appointment.  In doing so, the doctor will then have access not only to all the patient’s medical records but easy access to communicate with the patient’s primary doctors to discuss his/her care.  The app is one of the very few that offers patient and physician secure messaging allowing users to communicate directly with one another.

Features of MedXCom Patient include:

HIPAA Certified – Health records are private/portable and privacy is of the utmost importance.One Record/One source – allows all records to be stored in one secure place when you travel.

Emergency Notification – Instantly notify your entire healthcare team of a medical crisis. –

Glass-break feature allows access to providers in the event of an emergency.

All messages are archived for 23 years for your personal records

For more information go to the website:

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