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MedXCom, a product of Giffen Solutions, Inc., was founded in 2010 by three physicians who wanted to improve communication between themselves and their patient.


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SECURELY COMMUNICATE with your health care providers via texting on the app or via voice messages (as long as your doctor is registered with MedXCom)

Your health information should be controlled by you.

MedXCom Patient gives you access to your information from wherever you are: in your home, at work, traveling abroad, visiting family in another part of the country, or sitting in a new doctor’s office.

MedXCom Patient acts as your secure, HIPAA-compliant “electronic medical record.” Not the one your doctor has in his/her office, but one that is securely accessible to you–online or via smartphone.

MedXCom Patient is brought to you by Giffen Solutions, Inc., which was founded in 2010 by three physicians who wanted to improve communication between themselves and their patients while facilitating collaboration between colleagues through current technology.  They were frustrated by the fact that patient information was scattered in multiple physicians’ offices and electronic medical record databases, and was not accessible when needed most.  Their goal was to create a centralized record system controlled by the patient — in which the patient granted access to health care providers.


Patients pay for their health insurance, so why shouldn’t they be in charge of their own health information?  MedXCom Patient has security features (better than banking level) that ensure no one sees your information unless you permission them.  Your health information is encrypted, so only you have access.  No one at MedXCom Patient has access to your information; only you can access the medical records with your sign-in credentials.

How MedXCom Benefits You as a Patient

MedXCom Patient is an integral part of the MedXCom suite of services benefitting both MedXCom physician users and patients everywhere. This web-based Mobile Patient Messaging App available for iPhone and Android, allows you to store and continually update your Mobile Patient Portal. Here, you can securely manage all areas of your health profile such as medications, allergies, medical conditions, past surgical history, past hospitalizations and immunizations, as well as contact and current insurance information. You can even upload your lab, radiology, or other important reports and information and securely store all medical documents in one location.

MedXCom Patient is a HIPAA-compliant and completely secure portal, and is available to patients at no charge.

Take charge of your personal health information and join MedXCom Patient today.