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MedXCom, a product of Giffen Solutions, Inc., was founded in 2010 by three physicians who wanted to improve communication between themselves and their patient.


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How it Works

Mobile Patient

  • Free, secure service for patients
  • Secure texting/messaging with your health care providers ( images can be attached)
  • 24/7/365 access to a web-based portal or smartphone apps (no information resides on your phone)
  • Control access, restrict access, manage access
  • Receive medication reminders on the iphone app! Don’t miss another dose
  • It’s your information. You own it. Take charge of it

Have you ever been in a situation where there is a severe storm and the electricity, phone and cables lines are down?  Your cell phone can be a life-saver, both emotionally and literally. Through MedXCom Patient, you can now have access to your health information via your cell phone browser or smart phone app.  This may be important if you or your loved ones have medical conditions.

Family Features:

A parent or guardian can list dependents. Dependents can be children under the age of 18 or  parents who cannot take care of themselves, or who would like help storing their medical information.

MedXCom: Benefits to Patients

MedXCom Patient is a web-based Mobile Patient Portal with iPhone and Android Apps that allows you, as a patient, to store and continually update your Personal Health Profile (PHP). Here, you can securely manage all areas of your health profile, such as medications, allergies, medical conditions, past surgical history, past hospitalizations and immunizations, as well as contact and current insurance information. You can even upload your lab, radiology, or other important reports and information and securely store all medical documents in one location.  Once you grant permission to doctors, MedXCom Patient can link to their EMR and pull the information about you into your MedXCom Patient chart.  You decide which information is correct, which isn’t correct and which you wish to have as part of your record.

MedXCom Patient is a HIPAA-compliant and completely secure portal that is available to you as a patient at no charge. Take control of your medical information and join MedXCom today.

If you have a medical illness, be proactive, track your symptoms and stay on top of medications with medication reminders.  When you go to your office visit with a doctor, does he/she ask you how you have felt in the past month or past 3 months? It’s hard to remember details of the disease, especially when symptoms occur on a regular basis.  You can list your symptoms for reference as they happen, and track how well you are responding to your doctors’ recommendations.

Dr. Michael Nusbaum, CEO of Giffen Solutions, was interviewed on News12 NJ about the release of the revolutionary new MedXCom Patient service.