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MedXCom, a product of Giffen Solutions, Inc., was founded in 2010 by three physicians who wanted to improve communication between themselves and their patient.


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Why use MedXSafe?

Safe Bumping:Bump phones before you bump anything else

NOTHING replaces safe sexual behavior, such as the use of condoms, open discussion about STD status and personal responsibility for one’s own health status.

In an ideal world, STDs would not exist and people could trust others to be honest about their status.  Unfortunately, STDs do exist and people are not always honest about their status.

We neither condone nor promote promiscuity and irresponsible sexual behavior, however, we recognize that both occur.

MedXSafe does NOT share if you have an STD.  MedXSafe only lets you share that you are “STD FREE” as of the date of clearance by your doctor.

Short of abstinence, nothing is 100% when it comes to preventing the spread of STDs, not even condom use.

The use of MedXSafe along with condom use, open discussion about STD status and personal responsibility for one’s own health status can help prevent the spread of STDs among our population.

Using MedXSafe and getting cleared by your doctor combined with limiting sexual contact to others who also use MedXSafe and who have also been cleared by their doctors will help decrease the spread of STDs.

It is estimated that more than 50% of all Americans will get a sexually transmitted disease (STD) at some point in their lives.

It is also estimated that more than 1 in 4 or about 25% of College Students have either been diagnosed with or unknowingly carry a STD.

STDs are very common and can be “silent” with no symptoms.  If you have engaged in sexual behavior such as oral, vaginal or anal sex, it may be to your advantage to get tested and receive the necessary treatment.  Women are particularly vulnerable since STDs such as chlamydia can be “silent” for years, but later on can cause infertility.

Your doctor or health center can test you for STDs and sign off on MedXSafe that you are free of STDs as of the date the tests are completed.  Just download the MedXCom for Patients app on your iphone.  Your health care provider needs to sign up with MedXCom.  You just need to have a physical exam with appropriate testing and your doctor can document that you have been tested and are STD free at the time.  If you wish, you can bump phones with a potential partner and exchange limited contact information and STD status.

Chlamydia, HIV/AIDS, Bacterial Vaginosis, CMV, Genital Warts, Gonorrhea, Herpes, Hepatitis, Moluscum Contagiosum, Pubic Lice, Scabes, Syphilis, Trichomoniasis can all be tested for by your Physician, Campus Health Clinic or a Planned Parenthood Center near you.  Your health care provider will decide which tests are appropriate based on your symptoms.

HPV status-   there is no approved HPV test for the MedXSafe STD status to see if you have been exposed to HPV.  HPV DNA can be detected in women through a test of cell samples from the cervix (PAP smear) when there is HPV infection.

As a result, the only way to prevent the spread of STDs in sexually active adults is to use a condom.  MedXSafe does not recommend nor does it preclude the use of condoms during sex.

How will MedXSafe help me?

MedXSafe can help you by taking charge of your health and documenting that you are STD free (free of those particular STDs that can be tested for).  Your doctor can also document that you have received the HPV vaccine.

How MedXSafe works:

MedXSafe is a feature of a new app called MedXCom for Patients. MedXCom is a HIPAA compliant medical communication system for Patients and Doctors.

MedXSafe is utilizing new technology on the market called Bump.  MedXSafe has secure exchanges using BUMP technology that allows you to exchange information such as a photo, email address, telephone number and STD Status.

MedXSafe and Bump are 100% encrypted end-to-end and you are in charge of who you share your information with.

NO personal information is stored on your phone and the app logs you out after inactivity.  So, if you lose your phone no one will be able to see your information.  However, we still recommend using a password on any and all phones.

How does MedXSafe help?

By getting testing yourself and through only having sexual relations with individuals who have also been tested, the spread of STDs is massively reduced but can never be eliminated.

Does MedXSafe eliminate my chances of getting an STD?

No.  Unfortunately only abstinence can prevent the spread of STDs.  The use of condoms helps in reducing that risk as well, however, even the use of condoms is not 100%.  STDs can also be spread through oral sex and there is currently no way to prevent the spread of STDs in this manner.

Download the app MedXCom for Patients and Start Protecting Yourself Today.

Check out the video entitled “Safe Sex App” featuring the MedXSafe App on the Doctors Show airing February 7, 2013. Don’t miss it!

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