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MedXCom, a product of Giffen Solutions, Inc., was founded in 2010 by three physicians who wanted to improve communication between themselves and their patient.


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MedXCom Case Studies

As an industry leader in medical communications solutions, MedXCom streamlines practice communication while safeguarding your physicians.

Case Study #1

The Problem

Late one evening, a mother calls your practice’s on-call physician about her child, who is suffering from abdominal pain. The physician is concerned about the worsening symptoms, and advises the mother to take the child to the nearest emergency room. Unfortunately, the child’s mother does not heed the advice of the on-call physician, and her daughter suffers complications as a result of a delayed appendectomy. After the surgery, the child’s mother sues the practice’s on-call physician, claiming that he never recommended taking the child to the ER.

The Solution

MedXCom allows for real-time recording of all conversations between practice physicians and parents or patients. When threatened with a lawsuit, you can quickly access the archived call via MedXCom—and offer it as evidence.

Case Study #2

The Problem

A patient calls your practice’s physician requesting to take a larger dose of his prescribed medication. The physician recommends against the dosage increase, but the man chooses not to listen. Instead, he self-medicates with a higher drug dose, and suffers a severe, adverse reaction. He then sues the attending physician for malpractice, claiming that the doctor never warned against the dangers of a dosage increase.

The Solution

MedXCom’s service transcribes recorded conversations between practice physicians and patients, so your office has a physician requested transcript that was sent via secure messaging and placed in the patient’s chart. When faced with a lawsuit, your staff accesses the text transcription and uses it as evidence to defend the physician from a costly lawsuit.